Frequently Asked & Answered Questions

General Information

What is Logit?

LOGIT is the leading app for online price comparison & reward generator through surveys in India. Find comparison of the best deals in a range of choice for Cabs, Food, Logisitics & Medicine delivery service providers, all at one place. Logit aggregates information from tons of such websites & portals to bring you a range of offers & deals. With Logit you can find the fastest & cheapest services at the touch of a few buttons. Not just that you can fill in our micro surveys to avail huge discounts, coupons, offers & cashbacks too. So check out all the services today & avail some super cool benefits. Our USP is that we provide the most trusted user experience with one of the best looking user interface, which means quick search & bookings. Uninstall your worries and download Logit now to start saving big!

What it is NOT?

We are not an online relocation service provider, cab portal or medicine delivery provider (or agent). In fact we don’t sell anything at all. The booking always happens on a third party travel booking website, which can be a relocator, a cab provider or a pharma delivery service. Our strength lies in helping you choose where to book, and to save you time and money in the process. Since we don’t sell anything we don’t have a call center either. If you have questions about your booking you need to contact the booking provider directly.

What if I cannot find my question on this list?

In case you have a specific question, which does not get addressed in our FAQ section, please write to us by click on this link below: You can also get in touch with us and ask us your question, by clicking on contact us button in the menu bar.

Is it available in my country?

Logit is currently available only for the users of India. But don’t worry we are soon expanding our wings to other parts of the world too!

What are your terms of use and privacy policy?

Sure! We take the privacy of our users very seriously! You can review our privacy policy by simply clicking on this link: Our Terms of Use Policy can be simply accessed by clicking on this link below:

Managing Your Account

How can I create a Logit Account?

Welcome to Logit! Holding an account is free, you can sign up for an account through mobile apps: 1.Go to or mobile app and click “SignUp”. 2.Sign up lightning fast by connecting with Facebook, or sign up with your email address. Account created! Advantages: 1.Signing up is very easy 2.Check your complete booking history made with Logit This will include your booking amounts, refunds processed, cancellations and amendments done.

Updating Email and Mobile number

Due to security reasons, we don’t allow updating/changing of email ID or Mobile Number associated with your account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Notification Settings

Changing your notification settings lets you control how often you hear about your travel, offers and promotions. You can turn them completely off/on, or pick which notifications to receive.