Prices that drive you crazy!

When you need to save money and you have no time for searching through multiple apps, LOGIT app makes that job easier for you. Download LOGIT now to find the lowest prices for cabs, logistics and medicines!


Save Money

Tired of missing out on the best deals, already ordered at a higher price just to find out a better deal on a different app? no worries LOGIT compares all apps before giving you the best deals.

Save Time

Scrolling through tons of apps & pages to find the best deals for your next order or booking? We know it's tiring & time consuming that is why we built LOGIT to save your time.

Save Space

Is your phone hanging & jamming a lot? Do you like those buggy notifications disturbing you at your most important times? how about just one app for all your cab bookings, food orders & soon everything online. Yes that's LOGIT for you.

The only App you will need!

You will have the city at your fingertips with some simple touches!


Documents, accessories, packages and even gifts! Deliver them all within your city, in a jiffy!


All the Riders have been verified by us. Not random people with cars that we don’t know.


Order medicines from your favorite chemist near you with the convenience of LOGIT.

We make it simple to compare almost everything!

Logistics, Cabs, Medicines & Food comparison made easier, faster & cheaper.

You can also earn some quick bucks for your opinions in the surveys section.

LOGIT changes the Comparison game forever.

Over 100+ Apps to compare from

How much does LOGIT cost in your city? Calculate a fare estimate for your next trip. Simply enter a pickup location and destination to get started.

Available Directly in the LOGIT app

You don’t have to download any other app! Logistics, Cabs & Medicines all in one single app for your convenience & comfort.

Few Clicks to Freedom

We save you a ton of time & mobile space. Not just that we save you a lot of headaches & money too!

Start Saving

Download Today & Start Saving!

Lets up your comparison game

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